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Meeting your customers’ needs isn’t enough... exceed them

In today’s world, customer expectations are higher than ever. In exchange for their loyalty, they expect personalisation and timely, authentic engagement. Until now, that’s been a challenge for your sales and marketing people. They lacked insight into the customer journey and buyer behaviours and they couldn’t easily sort the high-value customers from those that are eyeing up your competitor. Your salespeople aren’t psychics. And now they don’t have to be. 

Micado reveals everything about your customers’ needs, so your salespeople can stop guessing and get on with selling. 

Introducing the world’s first B2B sales recommendation engine

Using data analytics and AI technologies, Micado extracts the value in all your customer data.

Next, it delivers an in-depth 360 customer view in one place, streamlining your sales team’s workflow by giving them propensity and churn modelling, sales and marketing service analytics at their fingertips.

Finally, with ‘Next Best Actions’ your people will always know exactly which customers need their attention at the right time, facilitating genuine customer experiences that improve lead conversions, reduce churn and drive revenue.

The results

happier customers that buy more

average increase in sales efficiency

average return on investment

Micado empowers your sales team to work smarter, faster and more productively

Transform your salespeople into trusted advisors 

Gain customer insights 

Digitised customer journeys identify customer wants and needs 



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Personalise engagements and campaigns

Define customer preferences to personalise engagements and refine campaign targets


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Grow customer loyalty and advocacy

Identify customers that are ready to buy to improve lead and sales conversions


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Retain customers



Identify customers at risk of churning using advanced data analytics models. 

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Turn your data into insights in 3 simple steps

Step 1: Connect your data
With integrations to all your core CRM, ERP, billing apps and data warehouses, Micado automatically collects all the customer data you need from any data source.
Step 2: Automate
Define your rules and run your data through our propensity and churn modelling. Automate data feeds and finetuning of your model to receive daily the most accurate and best possible recommendations.
Step 3: Empower your salespeople
Provide Sales & Marketing teams a single view of their customers and recommended the next best action right in your CRM or Marketing tool.

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“We will always have more clients than we can call and manage in a day. The Partner 360 Alerts allow us to focus on hot prospects and those high priority partners at risk of churning at the most relevant time.” 


Craig Hudson

Managing Director - NZ


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