eCommerce Automation

You’ve probably noticed that your customers are interacting with your brand on multiple channels. Whether they’re buying online or complaining on chat, your brand needs to provide a highly personalised customer experience no matter where or how they shop.

With Einstein you can represent your brand consistently by delivering unified and personalised consumer experiences across every touchpoint. You can provide shopping recommendations, relevant products, and customised search—all of which remove friction from your customer's buying experience.

Here are a few examples how Micado can help your Retailers and customers using Einstein:

  • Increase revenue by showing shoppers the best products for them, and eliminate the time-consuming activity of manually merchandising each individual page

  • Create highly visual dashboards to get a snapshot of your customer’s buying patterns and use these dashboards to power up your merchandising

  • Personalise the explicit search (search via the search box), implicit search (browsing in the storefront catalog), and category pages for every shopper, saving your customers time and bringing your business more revenue

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