Salesforce Managed Services

You focus on your business, we’ll focus on your Salesforce.


With our Managed Services package, we’ll take care of your Salesforce Org so you can concentrate solely on your business.

Why Managed Services?

All Salesforce systems need a certified professional continually improving them. But many smaller businesses can not justify a full-time Salesforce Einstein or Tableau expert. Our Salesforce Managed Services allows you to get full access to our certified team of Einstein & Discovery Consultants for a low monthly cost. 

Key Features of our Managed Services

Micado's Managed Services are designed to ensure that your Salesforce Org is reaching its optimum potential and getting the most from your investments. We know how hard it is to make decisions when your business is growing at a fast rate. Our certified Salesforce consulting and expertise is designed to reduce your Salesforce operating costs and remove the need for an endless search to hire resources with hard to find expertise. 


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