Customer Service Automation

The cornerstone of good customer service is making sure every customer has a stellar experience from beginning to end. In fact, customer service can be more important to the consumer than the quality or price of a product.

One surefire way to offer incredible customer service is with artificial intelligence. AI is the difference between good customer service and a superior service experience. With AI embedded into your service console, your agents are empowered with the predictive intelligence needed to drive increased customer satisfaction. 

Here are a few examples how Micado can help your Service team using Einstein:

  • Accelerate Case resolution by automatically predicting and populating fields on incoming Cases to save time and reduce repetitive tasks

  • Increase call deflection by resolving routine customer requests on real-time digital channels like web and mobile chat or mobile messaging

  • Reduce handle time by collecting and qualifying customer info for seamless agent hand off

  • Solve issues faster by giving your agents intelligent, in-context conversation suggestions and knowledge recommendations.

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