... we achieved an incredible sales conversation rate of 78% ...

Stuart Little

Business Development, Spark NZ

... the Customer-360° App is a real game changer for Sales ...

David Neubauer

Marketing Automation, Spark NZ

... provide our customers a better, more personalised buying experience ...

Jo McDonald Hooker

Marketing Manager, Spark NZ

... reduced our time spent on reporting, improved our account planning and productivity...

Radhika Vamireddy 

Salesforce Architect, Vend LTD

... integrating the App with many internal systems like Salesforce, SAP, our billing System Probe and EDW ...

Andrew Campbell

Campaign Manager, Spark NZ

... the App has greatly diminished my team's administration workload and is giving them more time to sell ..

Harihar Swami

Sales Analyst, Spark NZ

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